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4track tea Changes

4track tea ch ch ch ch changes

In the year and change 4track tea has existed, we’ve learned a ton. We started with the premise that tea is delicious, and that hasn’t changed. It’s still what drives us as people and a company.

I’ve been excited all along for our teas to find new fans, and the positive feedback has pushed me forward. But I feel like we can reach many more people. I want to make it easy for more people to enjoy the amazing array of sensory experiences that tea offers.

We took some big chances when we launched, and some were more successful than others. People have embraced the teas, the names, and the overall look. But there are two areas that didn’t work so well for us. First was the organization by personality-based tracks. In an effort to make the sometimes confusing world of tea accessible to more people, we unintentionally made it more difficult for current tea drinkers to find their favorites. “Where are the green teas?” was a common question. Even though we were expecting a certain amount of this, too often we found ourselves trying to explain the 4track concept more than actually talking about our teas.

We’re addressing this in a couple ways, first by changing our organization to the more intuitive groupings of Single Origins and Blends. Teas that we select and source as pure expressions of a particular type or style will be sold as Single Origins. They’ll be organized by tea type. Teas that we create in house by combining individual ingredients to make something more than the sum will be sold as Blends. Also, we’ll spell out on the label whether each is a black tea, white tea, oolong, breakfast tea, pu-erh, etc., and provide focused flavor descriptions. All of this to help people navigate our offerings and find favorites.

The other feedback we heard was that the package didn’t look like tea (I admit this was intentional), and it was wasteful (not my intent at all). In an effort to present something with a new look, we missed the chance to get our tea to some potential customers. Added to that, many who did buy the tea commented that the packaging felt excessive. We’ve addressed both by moving to a more familiar and minimal recyclable cylinder with a recyclable inner bag. The new package looks and feels good, and allows us to deliver you fresh tea without excess baggage.

We didn’t stop there. We added focused brewing advice to our labels. Water temp, steep time. Does it have caffeine, or not? We want you to have a place to start with each tea so you don’t waste time trying to find a good cup. That said, we’re all about play. Don’t like our recommendations, or curious to try something else? Try something different! Use cooler (or hotter) water, steep it less (or more) time. That kind of flexibility is one of the things I most love about tea. There are many roads to a delicious cup.

All the teas you’re familiar with are still here, along with four new teas: Bourbon Vanilla, Winter Morning, 88th Night, and Pacamara Honey Cascara. And one of our old favorites is getting a name change. Beloved Blend Lean On Me will now be called Tulsi Rose, its first name and the one most of our crew have used all along.

Lastly, we’re moving. Starting this afternoon, visits to will redirect you to our new web address at our partner company’s site, From there you will be able to access all your tea, chai, and coffee needs under one umbrella. If you’re strictly looking for 4track tea, that’s fine. 4track tea will have it’s own section so you won’t have to look through a bunch of other stuff to find us.

All in all, we’re psyched about these changes. We’re experienced tea lovers trying a fresh approach, and we really appreciate you coming along with us on this wild ride.


Rich Avella

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