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Welcome to 4track

As a kid I didn’t like tea. Instant iced tasted weirdly artificial and the bitter brew from tea bags needed milk and sugar to be palatable, and it still wasn’t good.

Later, I was exposed to quality tea through a cafe job, but the range of styles, appearances, tastes, names, processes, and origins made it impenetrable. As I was exposed to more, I struggled to acquire a taste for teas that were almost always brewed too strong and too long. It was a long time before I found a tea that I wanted to drink.

I wasn’t a tea drinker because what I tried didn’t taste good and the process of understanding good tea was confusing and often intimidating.

Eventually there was one tea that changed things for me. It was a rare, twisted leaf oolong with silver tips and copper colored leaves that smelled like peaches on a summer day. It was kind of like hearing Big Star’s “September Gurls” for the first time. It hit me on a gut level that immediately made sense and made me smile.

Finally, a tea I liked! Why did it take so long to find?

It felt like the world of tea was an insider’s club, where you had to know the rules and language to participate. Kind of like how the music industry controlled access before recording equipment became widely accessible. If you wanted a record, you had to secure the backing of a label with a budget to put you in a professional studio.

The home 4 track recorder was the great democratizer. It made recording accessible to almost anyone with an idea and an instrument. You no longer needed a major label to back you up to create and share your music.

4track has the same goal for tea - to make great tea accessible - to people who are new to it, and tea lovers who want to try something new. 4track gives people a place to discover and explore what tea can be for them, to experiment, to mix it up.

  That’s why we’re launching 4track.
Because tea is delicious, and not enough people know it.

Choose tea like you select a song


just like a soundtrack, tea choices can reflect,
ease, or boost your state of mind.

How are you feeling today?

Before I reach for a record I check in with myself. What am I in the mood for? Am I feeling like chilling out or going out? Working or exploring? What I put on flows directly from that reflection. Same with tea. What sounds good right now?

Something to help me find my comfort? A dig into deep, dense woods?

Just like certain types of music mirror or inspire your emotional states and daily activities, so can tea. Tea isn't solely a health food drink, a caffeine pick-me-up, or an herbal supplement, though people choose it for those reasons.

To us at 4track, tea is delicious. It’s for enjoyment and experimentation, just like music.

We designed 4track around the idea that quality tea is tasty and you only need to tap into your mood to find a tea that feels good.

We created four distinct tracks to help you find the tea that you’re feeling:

We invite you to pause for a moment and decide which track sounds good to you. From there, select a tea just like you choose the music you want to listen to while you exercise, head to work, wander, or relax at home.

It feels good.

It sounds good.

Rich Avella
Founder of 4track Tea


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