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Choose tea like you select a song


just like a soundtrack, tea choices can reflect,
ease, or boost your state of mind.

How are you feeling today? What mood are you in? What sounds good right now?

Something to help you find comfort? A dig into deep, dense woods? Do you need inspiration or relaxation?

Just like certain types of music mirror or inspire your emotional states and daily activities, so can tea. Tea isn't solely a health food drink, a caffeine pick-me-up, or an herbal supplement, though people choose it for those reasons.

To us at 4track, tea is delicious. It’s for enjoyment and experimentation, just like music.

We designed 4track around the idea that quality tea is tasty and you only need to tap into your mood to find a tea that feels good.

We created four distinct tracks to help you find the tea that you’re feeling:

We invite you to pause for a moment and decide which track sounds good to you. From there, select a tea just like you choose the music you want to listen to while you exercise, head to work, wander, or relax at home.

It feels good.

It sounds good.